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Chacharu: Diary of A Wandering Minstrel
zomg you guys
my power was out for two weeks, so i wasn't home
video card is basically burn out... suck

and i got to see grudge 2 tonite before it comes out tomorrow and


that bidness is scurry

it was awesome
was rather impressed, and i'm picky
i've never had so much fun watching a horror film before.

something about
being one of
the only three people in the theatre
gives you the freedom to scream

like a little girl

never before had i actually had an outburst during a horror flick

definitely worth doing again sometime
see it tomorrow when it comes out and if you hate it

well, it's your money
but i liked it, damn you

cory was a bastard
and said wouldn't it be crazy if you opened up the cupboard where we keep our bowls and her head was sitting on the bottom shelf going (insert croaky noise here)

...fuck you


my only solace is in the fact that
i'm probably the only person on the planet
who listens to
an internet radio station of music from the early 1900s
:D listen, maybe you'll like it
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I fixed Dianara. :D

She's a bit stumpy, but she'll do. :D Working on Aerroenu now.

P.S. I think my fish is mad at me. :( Bettas have small brains...
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Early afternoon: Chacha is fishing and has a finger spasm and hits "enter" while fishing what was PROBABLY a clump of seaweed. Has had a good hour of excellent fishing luck up until this point... Loses 48k Rogue Rig.

No big deal. Chacha logs for several hours to start working on Exadus's portrait for the charity poster.

Yeah, looks pretty shittastic without the foreground characters and all the colors, don't it? Bite me :D

Late evening/early morning: Chacha goes and spends 45 minutes hunting down another Rogue Rig. Spends 48k in Jeuno to get one of the last 3 up for sale. Teleport-Mea -> Bibiki Bay -> long Manaclipper ride to Purgonorgo Isle.

First cast: Your line breaks.

Chacha stabs self in face with spork.
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Holy crap, you guys. It took me over 6 hours, but Illyana's part of the poster is complete. Hopefully the rest won't take QUITE so long -- but she's in the very front, so I had to do everything. Plus the Haubergeon, Joyeuse, and Maneater took a very long time to detail. Regardless, this is the best thing I've drawn all year, so I hope everyone likes it and looks forward to the rest of the poster.

I need a break, so off to fish with Aerroenu-san (if she's still up)~
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Need last-minute gil donations from anyone who wants to be in the poster! Please tell your friends as soon as possible. I'm setting a three-day deadline so that I can begin fully developing the image.

The Guardians of Balance need to get in touch with me! So far they've expressed a lot of interest, but they don't seem to be on much, so I haven't actually finalized any donations. Please get back to me, guys, I really want your LS represented in this poster. You're like a huge figure on Odin, and it would be a shame not to have you in the final image!

Lucifa expressed some concerns to me about Cafepress.com jacking up the base prices. I hadn't considered it, but I don't know of an alternative site. So just be aware that Cafepress.com isn't a definite choice for who will distribute our poster prints (and if you have other suggestions, please drop me an e*mail at holydust@gmail.com and let me know!). The last thing I want is for the site who distributes the print to get most of the money and leave Child's Play in the dust, that would defeat the whole purpose. :3 So be aware I'm looking into alternatives and investigating it.
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Almost at the halfway point with the 6000 moat carp. I've had no time to fish today, since it was finally time to start organizing where everyone is going to go in the poster. Finally, after three hours, I've figured out exactly how I want to ink and color it. Here's an example of what each person might look like in the final product (I've used Chacharu as an example):


Yes, I've decided we're going digital for several reasons!
  1. I have confidence in my CGing ability and think the result will look a lot less washed-out than the original design would.
  2. This way the poster can be made into prints for ANY participant to buy!
  3. Making prints immediately available will probably garner a LOT more money for the charity than one single auction.
  4. No materials to buy, and no worrying about anyone spilling coffee on the table and destroying the piece as I work on it. ^~
  5. Working with cafepress.com, the proceeds from each sale will automatically go straight to Child's Play. No waiting, no confusion, no having to swear up and down that I'm really sending the money, because it will never touch my hands. ^_^

So that's that... hopefully I can get SOME fishing in today. I hope we get more participants... I think we're running out of people! Here is a list of everyone whose sketches have been finalized:

Ketsusama, Lucifa, Lucifa's mule, Riddaraan, Exadus, Trista, Takkun, Lerol, Iceblazek, Thatsmypunk, Illyana, Dianara, Chacharu.

We need more people. :9 Tell your friends! The faster we meet the goal, the faster I can start fully painting the poster and complete it! As of now, I can't start coloring my sketches because I don't know how many people will end up being in the final product. So for now we're safe with all the sketches and a tentative layout.

The poster will be made into both 25" x 35" posters and slightly smaller matted and framed prints. If things go well we can take the individual characters and make them into buttons, stickers, etc. :0 But one thing at a time, people...

I sent an e*mail to the PA guys and I'm waiting on them to send me their nonprofit tax ID number so that I can input it directly into the payee information for the Capepress store that will be selling the poster. :9 Hopefully with their blessing!

Peace out :3
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Feels like I've had no time to fish today, but it's only noon, so who knows what the rest of the day will bring. ^_^ My delivery box was graced with a handful of pledges from Riddaraan AND Lucifa, so that boosts the progress bar up to a very comfy 30% as you can see. I'm also aware that Takkun and Ketsusama have some more on-hand to donate, and I believe I'm holding onto several stacks at the moment as well.

By the end of the day we will have reached a combined (that's my solo fishing and the charity's contributions) overall fish total of 5000!

Preliminary sketches completed:
  • Lerol
  • Iceblazek
  • Riddaraan

    I have a lot of drawing to do today, so it's time to get to work. ^~

    Much thanks to the Guardians of Balance LS, who I am told by several members is well behind me on this project and has vowed to join in at full force. I knew I could count on you guys~! You're a welcome addition to the project.

    Update: I can barely keep my eyes open, but we have reached a combined total of 5339 Carp! Good job, everyone... *toddles off to pass out* Tomorrow I VOW to finalize three more sketches~ zzzzzzzzzz.....
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    Phew! I'm so wiped. I've been hard at work on the charity since 4 am this morning! We ran into a nice little guy named Takkun who, new to our server no more than an hour, pitched in and started helping just because he could. Over the course of the day he managed to rake in 10 stacks of fish all by himself! He will be drawn into the poster tomorrow. New to the program and already ahead of the game! We salute you for your kindness, Takkun!

    Ketsusama went above and beyond today, finishing off a whopping 20-stack donation. I got to see his many different shades of AF while we fished, too. ^_^ It was a tough decision as to what he would wear in the poster, but I like RNG AF on him the best.

    Iceblazek stepped up to the plate and donated enough gil for 10 stacks, so he will also be laid out in sketches tomorrow. Thank you so much for the donation and the promotions, luff!

    I wish I could show you a higher progress bar, but while we've had LOTS of pledges today, a lot of them haven't actually completed their donations yet. However, we aren't on a deadline, so it's not a big rush. I promise to work hard to show you some serious progress in the next few coming days! As for my own personal fishing goal of 4000, I'm only 567 carp away now. (That's two and a half days of straight fishing, which really isn't too bad!) So if we break it up, I've fished 3433 carp, and the charity has fished/donated 1164. You guys better catch up! Heh, heh. ^~

    I promised I'd write more, but... Chacharu is fatigued and my back hurts. :9 More tomorrow~
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    I was thinking, the Halcyon rod is my favorite. It's usually very trusty and it's pretty much glued to my hand 24/7. And I wondered while I was fishing, is the Halcyon rod called such because it promotes peace or prosperity? Probably not. So I looked it up.


    1. A kingfisher, especially one of the genus Halcyon.
    2. A fabled bird, identified with the kingfisher, that was supposed to have had the power to calm the wind and the waves while it nested on the sea during the winter solstice.

    It's named after a bird that expertly catches small fish! NOW it makes sense! SE can be so clever sometimes. Now I'm just waiting on the Elvaan and Galka fishing rods (what's up with that?)!

    On a side note, I'm anticipating an e*mail from Skoal this weekend! I hope he still wants to participate. I've enlisted my long-time fishing buddy Lucifa to join the charity project, too. Open your hearts and your virtual wallets, people! Time's a wastin'! Like Ketsusama said, fishing can be a lot of fun when you're doing it for a good cause, especially when you do it with others. <3 Back to work!

    Update: I did a preliminary sketch of Lerol, one of the donators. He looks so cute struggling with his fishing rod! I think he got a gold carp that broke his line... .___.
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    Whee! We're several hours in to the Charity project and already two players have agreed to join in. That's at least 25 stacks of 500 pledged! I'm getting started on the poster and I can see that it's going to look great. Not to mention that it's fun fishing with other people when it's for a good cause. <333 Ketsusama and Skoal, thank you for helping me jumpstart this project! It really means everything in the world to me.


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